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Get Grid Right! Energy storage and peak capacity generation

Posted by sworders-team on 9th July 2018
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October 14th 2016

Following the almost overnight decimation of the Solar PV industry last year, a huge amount of resource has been channeled into energy generation and storage to balance real-time supply and demand on the power grid. The key trigger of value in energy storage sites and generation sites is the value of the grid connection itself. Unfortunately, most landowners and many agents fail to recognise the value that lies in the grid connection and, typically, landowners can give away their entire negotiating position by signing an apparently innocuous letter from a developer or

‘introducer’ without realising it. With annual incomes of up to six figures available for the very best sites, the industry is awash with individuals trying to get landowners to give them exclusive rights. Sworders’ approach is to seek to retain control over the grid connection for the landowner and where we import specialist advice to negotiate grid connections, we seek for the grid connection to be held in trust for the landowner.

In the short and medium term, we expect the market for sites for gas-fired schemes to be the fastest growing amongst the power technologies (as we expect the diesel-powered sector to be phased out by 2018/19). Energy Plant Criteria:

  • Proximity to 33KV electric line (typically on wooden poles)
  • Proximity to farm buildings (not essential)
  • Medium/intermediate pressure gas supply available within 4km (for gas plant only)
  • Brownfield or existing commercial/industrial sites are favoured where available

For sites fitting the above criteria, perhaps only 10% may be suitable for a peak capacity plant, but the cost of reviewing them is relatively modest if done on a volume basis and, therefore, we are happy to provide a preliminary desktop appraisal without obligation or cost to any landowner who is willing to send us a plan of their property.

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